Upgrade guide for the latest drone version (1.6.5)


I’m a bit confused about upgrade process. I’m currently running Drone 1.0 and it works ok. But I believe the latest version of Drone may have some useful fixes. How could I upgrade Drone to 1.6.5 without losing of the build history, etc? I didn’t find any guide.

build history is stored in the database so it will not be lost. All you need to do is stop your old container, and start a new container using the newer image.

Thanks for your comment.
But as far as I upgraded from the version under 1.5.0, I faced a problem with agents and needed to set DRONE_AGENTS_DISABLED to true.
A quote from changelog: “server now runs in multi-machine mode by default. In order to run the server in single-machine mode (agents disabled) you must set DRONE_AGENTS_DISABLED=true” was helpful in my case (https://github.com/drone/drone/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md).