Supporting ppc64le and s390x

@bradrydzewski Could you tell me your email?

I found your linkedin. That’s good enough :slight_smile:

DIND for P

Hello, how is the progress for this topic?

@bradrydzewski @junaruga Can we please move this forward. My team at SUSE can introduce you to people who can arrange s390x servers for you. Can we have a meeting so that we move forward on this issue. Thanks.

Note: There are dind docker images for s390x. Docker Hub

My team can make PR’s for s390x once IBM gives s390x servers to drone community.

@rohitsakala I appreciate your offer. But as I am not working at Drone CI, no idea about how to move forward. @bradrydzewski and @rpsene can help?

There is some progress happening here Add support for s390x architecture by rohitsakala · Pull Request #329 · drone-plugins/drone-docker · GitHub