Starlark cannot load external script


I try to use load statement from your example here https://github.com/drone/drone/issues/2585.

Gives this error

cannot load pipeline.star: starlark: cannot load external scripts

I already read from starlark docs, and it can be used for centralized pipeline execution

Is it not implemented yet?

This is my files

load("pipeline.star",  "func")

def main(ctx):
  return {
    "kind": "pipeline",
    "name": "build",
    "steps": [
        "name": "build",
        "image": "alpine",
        "commands": [
            "echo %s" % ctx,


def main(var):
  return {
    "name": "test",
    "image": "alpine",
    "commands": [
      "echo %s" % var,
    "when": [

correct, loading external scripts is not implemented

@bradrydzewski Thanks for your confirmation.

Is there a hint when will it be implemented, in the near future or will never?
Because I have a urgent need to make centralized pipeline to manage microservices repo that spans to >100 in number.

I need to have some pipeline template repo to make widespread changes easier.

Or do you have a workaround for that problem?