Runner not triggered


I have a Drone Docker setup on a Raspberry Pi 4. The runner only gets triggered if the .drone.yml contains a platform section set to linux and arm. Without this the default is linux and amd64 so the runner doesn’t get the job. Should not the routing be optional? If I decide to run Drone on a amd64 host I would have to rewrite all pipeline configurations.
In my opinion every runner should pick every job except the pipeline configuration requires a specific platform / runner. Then it would not matter on which platform the runner is working until the configuration says “only run on windows!”.


This is an interesting point, that if no platform is defined it gets picked up by any runner. I think this would work well for single-architecture installations. However, I think this would cause problems for multi-architecture installations. For example, Drone Cloud supports amd64, arm, arm64 and we are planning support for ppc64le and s390x. I doubt most developers expect their pipeline to get picked up by an s390x runner if the platform is unspecified in their yaml. We also have a strict policy that we do not want to introduce any breaking changes to Drone1.

I think this merits further discussion. Perhaps we could allow the system administrator to change the default from amd64 to arm / arm64 / etc. This could simplify configuration for single-architecture installations.