Issues when mixing template and pipeline


I’m trying out the new template functionality but ran into issues when mixing a template with other pipelines. It works if I only specify the template, but not if i mix them or use multiple templates. Is this expected behavior?

.drone.yml (this will not work)

kind: template
load: plugin.jsonnet
  stepName: test
  image: alpine
  commands: ls

kind: pipeline
type: docker
name: mypipelinename

  - name: mystepname
    image: alpine
      - ls

Template (from docs example)

local stepName = std.extVar("input.stepName");
local image = std.extVar("input.image");
local commands = std.extVar("input.commands");
  "kind": "pipeline",
  "type": "docker",
  "name": "default",
  "steps": [
      "name": stepName,
      "image": image,
      "commands": [

You cannot mix templates and pipelines in the same yaml. A single template, however, can return multiple pipelines. We will update the documentation accordingly.

Ok. I see. Thanks for the reply.