How do I pass configuration files to services?

In my cloning step, I get all my configuration files necessary for services like php, nginx, etc…

I need to have these files available as volumes to services when I run them. I do not see a way to delay running service because services do not take depends_on directive. Alternatively I tried running nginx service as one of the steps and set detached to true. However, when I do this, other steps that follow are not able to resolve the nginx step’s service by it’s step name.

How should one go about this?

Services do not have access to the depend_on instruction, indeed.

However, detached steps can be made to wait on other instructions before launching.

That’s the way I’m launching containers that must be configured at runtime in my pipelines.

I discovered that when you have a detached step, you can not have commands, otherwise service breaks and it’s not accessible. It feels like a bug to me, but at very least, the documentation should mention this.