Drone-runner-kube 1.0.0-beta.12 - Failed step blocks pipeline

Thanks for confirming. There is a UI issue where we were not displaying logs correctly when an error exists. I thought we fixed this in a recent release, but we can verify.

I updated Drone Server to 2.4.0 but this still happened.

And I was able to get to the logs endpoint in browser.

Ok I’ve added back in the console logs when an error is thrown with this PR - show error and console logs for buld steps by d1wilko · Pull Request #387 · drone/drone-ui · GitHub

it should be in the next drone release :slight_smile:

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When will this be released please?
I’m waiting for release everyday now :sweat_smile:

Hey @mknapcok theres a few other fixes we are working to get out which we would like to bundle into a single release.

I would say we will do a release at the tail end of next week - thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @d1wilko,
how’s the release going? :grin:
It’s pain reading the logs only from the api :sweat_smile:

Hi @mknapcok apologies about the delay - we were trying to bundle a few things together for a release but they are taking longer than expected :frowning:

I have done a UI release and updated the UI version in drone server’s main branch - however I have not done a full release of drone server - so please use the latest tag for drone and you will get the UI update :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :heart_eyes: Much appreciated :blush:

Hi @d1wilko,
I’m afraid, the drone-ui 2.3.1 in drone/drone:latest didn’t help. I’m still getting this error message:

But the logs are available on log endpoint:

Any ideas?
Thanks :innocent:

:grimacing: thats not ideal - have you tried clearing your browser cache - just incase

I tried to clear the cache now but it didn’t help unfortunately.

:sob: can you send me the full json response from the build request in the dev tools? - I’ll see if there was anything I didn’t consider

@mknapcok the error you are getting is related to the Kube runner, handling exitCode=2 reason=Error issue.

Sorry, I thought the problem is with displaying logs on frontend from logs endpoint.