Drone Enterprise Personal License (Free, Unlimited Repositories)


I’m just a solo developer with no funding, so I assume I qualify. There’s no details on how to take advantage of this. Would be great if you could provide some details.



Hey there, you can generate a personal license and use Drone Enterprise with unlimited repositories as long as your meet the below qualifications:

  • If you work for a company with both gross annual revenue of less than (USD) $1 million and less than (USD) $5 million in debt or equity funding, Drone Enterprise is available free of charge.
  • If you work for a charity, educational institution or other non-commercial entity with gross annual revenue of less than (USD) $1 million, Drone Enterprise is available free of charge.
  • If you’re a hobbyist and you’re using Drone for non-commercial work, Drone Enterprise is available free of charge.

You can generate your personal license online at https://my.drone.io/order/personal

If you do not qualify for a free license but you want to try the Enterprise Edition prior to purchasing, you can download the official Docker image from the registry, which comes with a 5 user and 5 repository Enterprise Trial, enabled by default.

And remember, it will be possible to build the Community Edition from source without limits. The Personal License described in this post is for qualifying individuals and small businesses that want to use the Enterprise features for free, without purchasing a license key. If you do not care about the Enterprise features, you can just use the Community Edition.

EDIT: if you downloaded a license and are getting expiration errors, please go back to the website and re-generate a license. There was an issue with the expiration date which has since been resolved.