Drone 2.0 error "Cannot read property Number" when promoting build


after the upgrade to drone 2.0 when promoting a build we are getting the following error:

Promoting the build:

Error pop up:

Jip, encountered the same. The build does start anyways, it’s just the popup message.

exactly, i am getting the same behavior, build starts but pops out that message

Hey all, thanks for the reports. I believe one of our developers patched this issue however I don’t think the change has been release yet. I would expect an updated docker image on Monday or Tuesday.

Drone 2.0 is still considered a preview release and we expert there to be some minor issues, especially after a UI overhaul like this. We are making daily update to the latest docker image, so plan on updating your instance regularly until the time we create a 2.0.0 final tag (probably in 1-2 weeks).