Drone 1.x Roadmap


This is a working document. I will be adding to the list and providing more details and explanation in the future, including corresponding issue numbers.

  • yaml / config: Support for caching syntax, native caching using signed urls
  • yaml / config: Native Jsonnet support. DONE
  • yaml / config: Native Starlark support
  • runtime: Support for host machine pipelines that do not run inside containers
  • runtime: Support for virtual machine pipelines that execute inside ephemeral vms (aws, gcp)
  • runtime: Support for pipelines that execute inside vmware fusion (osx)
  • runtime: Finalize the Kubernetes runtime, make production ready
  • runtime: Stream image pull metadata and include in build logs (good for large images that take a long time to pull)
  • web: View to display latest build status per Branch
  • web: View to display latest build status per Environment (prod, dev, etc)
  • web: Trigger deployments via user interface
  • web: Screen for admins to manage users
  • web: Screen for admins to manage the build queue
  • web: Improvement to deep links to GitHub (direct link to pull request vs diff)
  • agent: Improve efficiency of agent <> server protocol
  • trigger: Trigger build manually via commit sha or branch (without requiring an existing build number)
  • trigger: Trigger build from Dockerhub webhook
  • trigger: Trigger build from Artifactory webhook
  • trigger: Trigger build from Quay webhook
  • chatops: Slack integration
  • github: Support for GitHub Applications
  • documentation: Needs continuous improvements

NOTE the goal of this list is to highlight major features only. this does not include smaller features and bug fixes, and should not be viewed as an exclusive list of what we plan to work on. It is meant to communicate major features only.

Podman/libpod runtime
When drone will support deploy events in UI?
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