Drone 1.0.0-rc5 on kubernetes - allocating/requesting cpu/mem for jobs


Hi there,

We’re experimenting with drone v1 with the long term goal of switching from drone 0.8.x.
Everything is looking very promising, the kubernetes integration is looking fantastic!

Is there a way to block/allocate cpu/mem resources per build?

In kubernetes every pod should (in theory) have a specified amount of cpu/memory resources which it reserves. Currently drone builds do not appear to have these in kubernetes. Is there an environment variable that I overlooked to set these?

Is it perhaps one of these?

      value: "0"
    - name: DRONE_LIMIT_MEM
      value: "0"

Assuming that requested is the same as limits (which should be fine for this usecase).

Requesting/blocking the amount of needed cpu/mem would be most useful to avoid oversubscription.

Many thanks in advance!

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Check this snippet:

kind: pipeline
name: lint

  - name: lint
    image: node:11.5-alpine
      - npx --cache=/tmp/.npm-global prettier -l \"src/**\" index.html
        cpu: 111m
        memory: 200Mi


Awesome, muchas gracias!