cant sync github repos


My repo is but can’t sync this repo… I click the sync button many times…

Missing repository after delete and re-fork

Did you delete the repository in GitHub and then re-create the fork? Because your repository has a new unique ID in GitHub. I can see it changed from 159660157 to 160291693. The repository ID no longer matches what is stored in Drone which is causing the problem (unique key violation in the database). So yea, sounds like an edge case … If you delete a repository and then re-create a repository with the same name, you get an error.


Year, I recreated it, How to fix it… Could you help me delete it in the backend database.


I run into this issue also. This is also an issue on drone 0.8. To remove a repository completely from drone (so drone don’t know anything about this repo) i have to do some hackie stuff at the database. Can we have a simple way to remove a repository from drone?

Is there currently a workaround for this? On a selfhosted version i have control over the database but on i am pretty helpless. I don’t want to name a repo differently only to get back drone functionality.

EDIT: Ok found your answer here Missing repository after delete and re-fork.