Another drone metrics question

Hello! I see that drone posts some metrics to Prometheus https://docs.drone.io/administration/server/metrics/ in those docs. However, I can’t find much, or any, information on which metrics are posted. I found some docs for drone 0.8.x, but we’re on 1.x.x now.

I’m looking to capture MTTR and MTBF as well as trying to infer some cycle / lead time. I’d need to be able to track the start and end time of entire pipelines as well as their finish state. I am wondering if these metrics are possible to capture from Drone before I go setting up Prometheus and the metrics exporter?


You can visit the prometheus metrics endpoint at /metrics to see a list of support Drone metrics (prefixed with drone_) with descriptions of what those metrics represent.

# HELP drone_build_count Total number of builds.
# TYPE drone_build_count gauge
drone_build_count 108777
# HELP drone_pending_builds Total number of pending builds.
# TYPE drone_pending_builds gauge
drone_pending_builds 0
# HELP drone_pending_jobs Total number of pending jobs.
# TYPE drone_pending_jobs gauge
drone_pending_jobs 0
# HELP drone_repo_count Total number of registered repositories.
# TYPE drone_repo_count gauge
drone_repo_count 3905
# HELP drone_running_builds Total number of running builds.
# TYPE drone_running_builds gauge
drone_running_builds 2
# HELP drone_running_jobs Total number of running jobs.
# TYPE drone_running_jobs gauge
drone_running_jobs 2
# HELP drone_user_count Total number of active users.
# TYPE drone_user_count gauge
drone_user_count 4584

Thanks Brad!

Unfortunately these metrics don’t have the data I would need to capture what I want. Can you advise on any way I could possibly track start/end time and status of pipelines in Drone?

I found some discussion on an API potentially for metrics and other discussions around extensions for metrics. It doesn’t seem like any of that happened though and I’m unclear on how a Drone plugin or extension could provide any functionality like that. Am I just looking in the wrong places?

You would need to create a small metrics collector (standalone program) that queries the Drone database (using sql) to extract the data you need and provide to Prometheus. This is how other teams are collecting custom metrics today, although unfortunately none of them (to my knowledge) have published their code.

We have considered sponsoring some sort of project (or project template) to help teams create custom metric collectors, however, our primary focus right now is on our roadmap.

Thanks again for your quick responses. I was really hoping for some event system over straight DB access. That said, I understand you can’t be everything to everyone all the time :). I’ll look in the DB and see what I can get. Maybe we can get approval to open source some solution…

Drone supports system-wide webhooks which could be used to feed data to Drone and aggregate metrics. See How to use Global Webhooks. Direct database access, however, would be compatible with whatever solution we release in the future.

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Oooh, honestly, that’s exactly what I’d like to use and it looks like it sends all the data I could possibly need to build out a good dashboard :slight_smile: