Add podman support

Inspired by this article I recently started looking into podman as a possible replacement for docker.

Since podman is a daemonless container engine, Drone currently can not be run under it as there is no /var/run/docker.sock that can be accessed for container details.

Are there any plans on supporting podman as the container engine for running Drone?

We do not have any immediate plans to build and maintain a podman runner, however, we do provide a framework that lets anyone in the community create a custom runner. There is no difference between an official runner and a community runner other than stewardship.

The starter project and framework for creating a customer runner:

The tooling to create a custom runner is new and has not been formally announced or documented yet, however, a few community members were able to use the starter project and research existing runners to figure it out.

Also happy to answer questions.


Can you please provide me links to existing docker runner code ? Probably, in near future I will be able to create PoC PR to support this feature.

You can find the docker runner code here:

However, the podman runner would need to be its own separate runner, similar to how the kubernetes runner is its own separate runner. We would not combine the docker runner and podman runner into a single codebase.

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